Doctors In Pakistan: Sumbal, Only The Peptic Ulcer Wali Bibi, Not A Person With Feelings

Or at least do so later at the first available opportunity? If someone walks up to you and starts pounding your chest, wouldnt you ask, Pardon me for being so nosy, good sir, but what on holy earth do you think youre doing to me? Rather, they acted as if the adult guardian had entirely surrendered the childs anatomy to the doctors, to do with it whatever pleases them – no questions asked. But there were questions to be asked and the family left the hospital believing that their child had been attacked when, in truth, the doctors had probably saved his life. This dictatorial approach cost the concerned doctor his rapport with his patient, even if the procedure he performed was fully justified. Something similar happened to Sumbal, an uneducated young woman not dissimilar to countless others who walk into our clinics each year. She requested an ultrasound for upper abdominal pain. That being an unnecessary test in the given case, the doctor sternly brushed her off with a prescription for anti-ulcer drugs. Outside the doctors office, her eyes welled up with frustration. It wasnt, I expect, because the doctor was rude but because of how incredibly small he made her feel; making it obvious that her feelings were irrelevant before his medical degree and that she should simply put a capsule in her mouth and zip it. Inside the office, she wasnt Sumbal; she was the peptic-ulcer-wali-bibi, and treated precisely as such. She had questions. Wasnt the ultrasound a superior therapeutic tool? Was the medication hot or cold? Would it affect her reproductive cycle?

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