Mom Chooses Medical Marijuana Over Chemo As Treatment For 3-year-old Son’s Cancer

Medical-device tax repeal is an idea full of holes

Childhood cancer remains the leading cause of death by disease among children in the United States, according to Children’s Hospital Colorado . In a statement to CBS4 , they write that 25 percent of childhood cancers are acute lymphoblastic leukemia. The survival rate for these patients treated at Children’s Oncology Group is over 90 percent and is attained with two-to-three years of chemotherapy. Riddle says that no matter what people think about her decisions, the plain and simple truth is that marijuana has helped her son . “As soon as we started taking the oil, his platelets have been a regular healthy person’s level and [doctors] can’t understand why,” Riddle told CNN . As unusual as it may seem, the Riddle family is not alone in choosing medical marijuana treatment for a child with a severe illness. In 2012, then 7-year-old Mykayla Comstock of Oregon , who was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, made headlines for her use of medical marijuana to combat the side effects of chemotherapy. The family of 6-year-old Charlotte Figi was the subject of a CNN documentary earlier this year regarding their daughter’s use of medical marijuana to help treat the debilitating seizures that result from her rare form of epilepsy. Also on HuffPost: Legalized for medical use. Flickr: alana sise Arizona Legalized for medical use. Flickr: Bill Ward’s Brickpile California Legalized for medical use. Flickr: gerbache Colorado Also legalized possession by non-medical users. Flickr: dok1 Connecticut Legalized for medical use. Flickr: ~MVI~ (off to coron) Delaware Legalized for medical use.

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on the medical-device tax, as long as the House first passes a clean spending bill, with no Obamacare-related strings attached, and agrees to replace the $30 billion in revenue that the tax would raise over the next decade. It figures that the only policy idea that might bring the two parties together is not a terribly good one. The medical-device tax is one part of a package that was supposed to pay the $1.3 trillion cost (over 10 years) of covering 27 million uninsured people. The excise tax amounts to asking the medical-device industry to chip in 2.3 percent of the tab, just as other health-care interests, such as insurance companies and the drug industry, were also asked to pony up. We hasten to add that this is hardly the optimal financing method; a generally applicable program ought to be financed with generally applicable taxes. Still, the $100 billion-plus medical-device industry is highly profitable . While the tax might impose some pain on the business, we doubt that it would doom it . Were also skeptical of free-market pleadings from an industry that owes much of its prosperity to federal programs such as Medicare and Medicaid. Indeed, the influx of new insured patients because of expanded coverage would, to some extent, create offsetting demand for devices. Were also skeptical of Congresss ability to agree on a gimmick-free offset for the lost revenue though, admittedly, a credible pay-for would mitigate the harm of repeal. What cant be undone, however, is the precedent. If this interest group can lobby successfully to shed its share of the cost of expanded coverage, whats to stop everyone else from seeking a break?

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