The 3 Year Medical School: Is Shorter Good Enough?

Trayvon Martin medical examiner fired

The following year, the school launched an accredited 3-year accelerated program for students committed to family medicine. When designing its 3-year program, Mercer worked closely with faculty at Texas Tech University School of Medicine, which had implemented an accelerated family medicine program a year earlier. Texas Tech has seven-10 students per class and Mercer has two per class. The oldest 3-year program in the U.S. is Erie Pennsylvania’s Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine (LECOM) Primary Care Scholars program, which began in 2007 with 12 spots for students dedicated to family medicine. LECOM has a second 3-year program — started in 2010 — but that program, call the Accelerated Physician Assistant Pathway, is only open to medical students who previously worked as physician assistants (PA). APAP has 12 slots in total: six for students entering primary care (family medicine, OB/GYN, pediatrics, or general internal medicine), and six for undeclared students. The LECOM program as well as the Mercer and Texas Tech programs, all used similar strategies to condense their curricula: the first 3 years were untouched, although recess after the first year was eliminated. Most of the fourth year rotations were cut. Betsy Jones, EdD , vice chair of research in Texas Tech’s Department of Family Medicine, said the program took that approach as a way to assure success in the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE). “We chose to do it on the clinical end rather than basic science end because, as long as Step 1 is as important as it is, our students need to be fully prepared for it. We didn’t make any changes to the curriculum that would threaten our students’ ability to do well on those exams.

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Bao has hired a lawyer and is hinting at a lawsuit. Bao was let go from his job as the associate medical examiner for the Volusia County, Florida, Medical Examiner’s Office last week, officials said Wednesday. Obama: System should work with everyone Should Trayvon’s hoodie be in a museum? Authorities provided a copy of his termination letter, but did not specify a reason. The letter says Bao was given a choice to resign. He didn’t. So, he was terminated Friday. Bao’s lawyer filed a complaint against the county, CNN affiliate Central Florida News 13 reported. The letter reads in part: “This is a formal request to ask you to preserve any and all documents…and/or evidence related to Dr. Bao’s claims and/or the Trayvon Martin Case.” Bao performed Trayvon Martin’s autopsy after Zimmerman shot dead the 17-year-old on February 26, 2012. During Zimmerman’s trial, Bao’s testimony stood out.

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Los Gatos: Medical building to grow out of former car lot

Now, it’s slated to become a 40,000-square-foot, two-story medical center that will be occupied by doctors from the Palo Alto Medical Foundation, which is affiliated with Sutter Health. “We have lots of patients from this area, so we’re very excited to expand into the West Valley,” said Dr. Elizabeth Vilardo, the PAMF regional president. “PAMF is a nonprofit, so our growth is driven by demand and we’ve had multitudes of patients from Los Gatos and Monte Sereno driving to us.” Other dignitaries on hand included the CEOs of Good Samaritan and El Camino hospitals. Even though the hospitals are competing organizations, PAMF doctors have privileges at both institutions. “They’re the physicians,” El Camino’s Pat Wolfram said in regards to PAMF. “We’ve had a collaborative relationship with them for years at our Mountain View hospital. Half of our patient volume in Mountain View are PAMF patients. They have a great reputation.” PAMF already has 30 doctors in Los Gatos who work at the Good Samaritan Medical Center. That leased clinic opened in April 2012, with Dr. Stuart Menaker leading the way. “I was the first doctor to sign up for the new Los Gatos facility,” Menaker said. A Cupertino resident, Menaker went on to say, “The community has welcomed us and that’s gratifying. A lot of folks want to come to Los Gatos, so our expectation is to build a presence and provide services to people close to their communities.” Sand Hill Properties will develop the facility on PAMF’s behalf. Although Sand Hill has been criticized for letting the property become blighted as it looked for a partner like PAMF, company founder Peter Pau was all smiles at the groundbreaking.

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