Medical Marijuana Advocates Protest Removal Of Lansing Baby

Gholson said the Green case is among dozens in which state caseworkers have disregarded protections in the medical marijuana law while trying to remove children from parents who are registered patients or caregivers. Theres nowhere to go when (Childrens Protective Services) does this, she said. When they took Bree on Friday, that really was the last straw. Acting on a petition by Childrens Protective Services caseworkers, an Ingham County Family Court referee on Friday ordered the infant removed from her parents home because her mother a registered medical marijuana caregiver had marijuana in the house, the groups said. The referee said the marijuana creates a dangerous situation because someone with a gun could break in, Steve Green said. A DHS spokesman declined to discuss the Green case, citing privacy constraints. In general, the agency considers what kind of choices (parents are) making that impact their kids, and how their substance use is affecting their children in deciding whether to remove a child, said Dave Akerly, acting communications director for DHS. The safety and well-being of the children involved is always going to be paramount with a CPS investigation, he said. Steve Green said the CPS petition involving his daughter grew out of a custody or visitation dispute between his wife and her ex-husband involving another child. Marias ex-husband filed a complaint with CPS saying her home was unfit for children, he said. When caseworkers visited the home and asked to inspect it, the Greens refused to allow them into the garden, or grow room, without a court order, citing a provision in the medical marijuana law that says only one person can have access to the room, said Joshua Covert, an attorney for the Greens. Caseworkers went to court and asked for the child to be removed, he said. That put (the parents) between a rock and a hard place either you break the law or we take your children away, Covert said. The infant has been placed with a relative, the Greens said. A custody review hearing is set for Friday before Ingham County Probate Judge Richard Garcia, according to court records. Gholson said she is aware of about 20 cases over the past year in which caseworkers disregarded protections in the medical marijuana law while trying to remove children.

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The 3 Year Medical School: Is Shorter Good Enough?

Trayvon Martin medical examiner fired

The following year, the school launched an accredited 3-year accelerated program for students committed to family medicine. When designing its 3-year program, Mercer worked closely with faculty at Texas Tech University School of Medicine, which had implemented an accelerated family medicine program a year earlier. Texas Tech has seven-10 students per class and Mercer has two per class. The oldest 3-year program in the U.S. is Erie Pennsylvania’s Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine (LECOM) Primary Care Scholars program, which began in 2007 with 12 spots for students dedicated to family medicine. LECOM has a second 3-year program — started in 2010 — but that program, call the Accelerated Physician Assistant Pathway, is only open to medical students who previously worked as physician assistants (PA). APAP has 12 slots in total: six for students entering primary care (family medicine, OB/GYN, pediatrics, or general internal medicine), and six for undeclared students. The LECOM program as well as the Mercer and Texas Tech programs, all used similar strategies to condense their curricula: the first 3 years were untouched, although recess after the first year was eliminated. Most of the fourth year rotations were cut. Betsy Jones, EdD , vice chair of research in Texas Tech’s Department of Family Medicine, said the program took that approach as a way to assure success in the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE). “We chose to do it on the clinical end rather than basic science end because, as long as Step 1 is as important as it is, our students need to be fully prepared for it. We didn’t make any changes to the curriculum that would threaten our students’ ability to do well on those exams.

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Bao has hired a lawyer and is hinting at a lawsuit. Bao was let go from his job as the associate medical examiner for the Volusia County, Florida, Medical Examiner’s Office last week, officials said Wednesday. Obama: System should work with everyone Should Trayvon’s hoodie be in a museum? Authorities provided a copy of his termination letter, but did not specify a reason. The letter says Bao was given a choice to resign. He didn’t. So, he was terminated Friday. Bao’s lawyer filed a complaint against the county, CNN affiliate Central Florida News 13 reported. The letter reads in part: “This is a formal request to ask you to preserve any and all documents…and/or evidence related to Dr. Bao’s claims and/or the Trayvon Martin Case.” Bao performed Trayvon Martin’s autopsy after Zimmerman shot dead the 17-year-old on February 26, 2012. During Zimmerman’s trial, Bao’s testimony stood out.

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Los Gatos: Medical building to grow out of former car lot

Now, it’s slated to become a 40,000-square-foot, two-story medical center that will be occupied by doctors from the Palo Alto Medical Foundation, which is affiliated with Sutter Health. “We have lots of patients from this area, so we’re very excited to expand into the West Valley,” said Dr. Elizabeth Vilardo, the PAMF regional president. “PAMF is a nonprofit, so our growth is driven by demand and we’ve had multitudes of patients from Los Gatos and Monte Sereno driving to us.” Other dignitaries on hand included the CEOs of Good Samaritan and El Camino hospitals. Even though the hospitals are competing organizations, PAMF doctors have privileges at both institutions. “They’re the physicians,” El Camino’s Pat Wolfram said in regards to PAMF. “We’ve had a collaborative relationship with them for years at our Mountain View hospital. Half of our patient volume in Mountain View are PAMF patients. They have a great reputation.” PAMF already has 30 doctors in Los Gatos who work at the Good Samaritan Medical Center. That leased clinic opened in April 2012, with Dr. Stuart Menaker leading the way. “I was the first doctor to sign up for the new Los Gatos facility,” Menaker said. A Cupertino resident, Menaker went on to say, “The community has welcomed us and that’s gratifying. A lot of folks want to come to Los Gatos, so our expectation is to build a presence and provide services to people close to their communities.” Sand Hill Properties will develop the facility on PAMF’s behalf. Although Sand Hill has been criticized for letting the property become blighted as it looked for a partner like PAMF, company founder Peter Pau was all smiles at the groundbreaking.

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The Great Canadian Fart Survey

This resulted in a six inch tear in the intestine and the force blew the doctor across the room . The patient had ignored advice to take an enema to remove gas prior to the procedure. Everyone has experienced being present at a dinner party, needing to pass flatus and wishing to be in the Sahara desert. But retaining gas may cause harm. Dr. Wynne-Jones a New Zealand physician claims being polite results in herniations of the bowel (diverticulosis) due to constant pressure from the gas. He advises patients to pass flatus whenever necessary. But he makes no mention of whether he’s ever invited a second time to dinner parties. How much flatus collects in the bowel depends on the type of bacteria present, the speed at which gas reaches the rectum and the amount of undigested carbohydrate in the lower bowel. Genetics plays a role. If your Mother produces methane gas there’s a good chance her children will also manufacture it. A lighted match once placed near the trowsers of a friend expelling gas turned royal blue due to methane gas. But please don’t try this experiment.

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Canadian woman survives 12 days in the bush

Her feet are also in bad shape as she had no shoes, he said. The woman remains hospitalized. She survived by drinking river water and eating berries, according to a report by The Canadian Press. Citing RCMP Cpl. Nick Munro, it said investigators believe that the woman was in a truck with four other people when it got stuck. Three of them went for help. When they didn’t return, the woman and a man started walking. He allegedly then hit her in the face and attempted to sexually assault her, The Canadian Press said. The woman reportedly fled and got turned around. She was eventually found by an oilfield worker on a dirt road, The Canadian Press said. He called authorities. Kevin Roy Gladue, 36, is charged with aggravated assault, sexual assault and obstructing a peace officer, the RCMP statement said.

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Ted Cruz renounces Canadian citizenship

Assuming that is true, then sure, I will renounce any Canadian citizenship,” he continued. “Nothing against Canada, but I’m an American by birth, and as a U.S. Senator, I believe I should be only an American.” As speculation ramps up about Cruz’s political future, some have questioned his eligibility to become president. Most legal experts have said Cruz qualifies as a “natural born citizen,” a requirement for the White House job, as stated in the Constitution. In the Dallas Morning News Sunday, legal experts told the paper that Cruz is not only eligible for president in the United States, he’s also technically a Canadian citizen and can even run for Parliament. Unless he renounces his citizenship there, he could also obtain a Canadian passport, according to the newspaper. The senator’s office, however, said Cruz has never embraced his legal rights in Canada. “Senator Cruz became a U.S. citizen at birth, and he never had to go through a naturalization process after birth to become a U.S. citizen,” spokeswoman Catherine Frazier told the newspaper. “To our knowledge, he never had Canadian citizenship, so there is nothing to renounce.” Copyright 2013 by CNN NewSource .


N Rangabashyam,the Padma Bhushan Award Recipient Gastroenterologist Died

Rangabashyam, who is a Padma Bhushan award recipient, is survived by wife and two children. Rangabashyam, was considered as a leader in surgical gastroenterology and proctology in the India. Rangabashyam was credited with various efforts including starting the first M.Ch. (Surgical Gastroenterology) degree course in India, besides the Ostomy Department in the Madras General Hospital. He also established the first enterostomal therapy diploma for nursing professionals in the country. He was Member Advisory Panel for Gastro Intestinal Surgery, National Academy of Medical Sciences (India), New Delhi and Member, Permanent Committee for the Fixation of fee structure for Private Professional Educational Institutions in Tamil Nadu, Chennai. A brief insight into His contributions He has mainly contributed on colitis, bowel cancer, other gastro-intestinal cancers, portal hypertension and bowel disease in the tropics. He has published various articles on liver surgery, pancreatitis, ileal and colonic problem and paprostomy. He was awarded with many honour and accolades, the major of which include his appointed as the Honorary Surgeon to the President of India by former President R Venkataraman. He was awarded the Padma Bhushan in 2002 and won the prestigious Dr B C Roy National Award twice. He was also elected as a Fellow of the Association of Surgeons of Great Britain and Ireland, Academy of Medical Sciences, India and Academy of Medical Sciences, Singapore.

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Most Canadian Doctors Oppose Physician-assisted Suicide, Survey Suggests

Doctors debate physician-assisted suicide

But the issues will be high on the agenda at the CMAas general council meeting later this month in Calgary, with a special session devoted entirely to end-of-life care. Euthanasia involves aknowingly and intentionallya performing an act a usually administering a lethal injection of barbiturates a with the sole intention of ending a life. With physician-assisted suicide, the doctor provides a patient with the knowledge or means, or both, required to commit suicide, including acounselling about lethal doses of drugs, prescribing such lethal doses or supplying the drugs,a according to the CMAas current policy, which was last updated in 2007. aEuthanasia and assisted suicide are opposed by almost every national medical association and prohibited by the law codes of almost all countries,a the policy reads. aA change in the legal status of these practices in Canada would represent a major shift in social policy and behavior.a The issue has taken on new immediacy with Quebecas move this summer to become the first province in the country to introduce a law that would protect from prosecution or jail doctors who offer the terminally ill medical assistance to die. In June, Quebecas Parti Quebecois government introduced Bill 52, an act respecting end-of-life care, which sets out the rules that would allow terminal palliative sedation as well as amedical aid in dying.a Under the bill, only a patient of legal age and capable of giving consent and who is suffering from an incurable illness and aconstant and unbearable physical or psychological paina would be permitted to seek a doctor-hastened death. Canadaas Criminal Code prohibits euthanasia and assisted suicide, stating that, ano person can consent to have death inflicted upon him.a The issue is now before the courts: The federal government is appealing a B.C. court ruling that last summer struck down Canadaas ban on doctor-assisted suicide, ruling it unconstitutional and granting a woman dying of Lou Gehrigas disease the right to seek a doctoras help in ending her life. Itas not a request Dr. John You has ever been faced with. aI personally am uncomfortable with the idea, but I know itas something that weall need to have a societal debate about,a said You, an associate professor at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ont., and a member of the Canadian Researchers at the End of Life Network. He said he worries the emotionally charged issue will overshadow the urgent need for better access to quality, end-of-life care for Canadians.

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Canadian Forces Medical Officers Recognized By College of Family Physicians

These medical officers represent the finest doctors in Canada, are testament to the high level of care our Canadian Armed Forces members receive at home and abroad and, on behalf of the Government of Canada, I wish to congratulate them. Captain Scott MacLean, 1 Field Ambulance, Edmonton, is the recipient of the 2012 Murray Stalker award. This award, named in honour of the late Dr. Murray Stalker, first College of Family Physicians of Canada President (1954-1955), recognizes and promotes scholarly activities of family medicine residents. It is awarded to an outstanding family medicine resident who is recognized as a potential future leader in the discipline. Captain MacLean and Captain Jason Lorette, 26 Canadian Forces Health Services Centre, Greenwood, are both the recipients of the Family Medicine Resident Leadership Awards. These awards recognize the leadership abilities of outstanding senior family medicine residents from each of the 17 Canadian family medicine residency programs. Captain Melissa Welsh, 24 Canadian Forces Health Services Centre, Trenton, is the 2012 recipient of the Bob Robertson Award. This award, dedicated to the memory of the late Dr. Bob Robertson, former College of Family Physicians of Canada President (1980-1981), recognizes the individual who achieved the highest standing among family medicine residents in the organizations certification examination in family medicine. Captain Shawn Benninger is the 2012 recipient of the Award of Excellence. The Award of Excellence recognizes the College of Family Physicians of Canada member who, in the past 12-24 months, has made an outstanding contribution in a specific area pertaining to one or more of the following areas: patient care; community service; hospital or health care institutions; college activities (national or chapter); or teaching, research or other elements of the academic discipline of family medicine. Capt. Benninger is currently serving on board Her Majestys Canadian Ship Protecteur. We are extremely proud of the accomplishments of these medical officers. They will serve their nation and the Canadian Armed Forces well as they progress through their military medical careers, said Brig.-Gen.

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On Monday, as Canadaas doctors began a public debate over physician-assisted suicide, the Calgary MD said his experience caring for his wife a and many patients since a means he simply canat consider the thought of helping a suffering patient die. aIf care and well-being is what I train for, Iad like to focus on care and well-being,a Chary said, in an interview. aItas not even a suicide in my mind. Iam killing.a The polarizing issue took centre stage at the Canadian Medical Associationas annual general council meeting, which opened Monday in Calgary, as delegates heard from an expert panel on end-of-life-care. Canada needs better programs that allow patients to die comfortably at home and more palliative care training for young physicians, said panellist Dr. Eric Wasylenko, a Calgary family physician specializing in palliative care. Proper end-of-life care strives to help patients live as well as they can before they die, he said. aMy personal view is it is not within the role of the physician or the practice of medicine to actually deliberately cause someoneas death, even if theyave asked for it,a said Wasylenko, in an interview following the panel discussion. aThe role of physicians and medical care is to support people in their life until their natural death, not to kill them artificially or in advance of their natural death.a The debate has taken on growing urgency in Canada after Quebec introduced contentious right-to-die legislation this year. Earlier Monday, Canadaas health minister Rona Ambrose said the federal government isnat planning to reopen the debate on euthanasia. aThis is an issue that is very emotional for a lot of people a not just regular Canadians, but also physicians,a she told reporters. aParliament voted in 2010 to not change its position on this issue. At this time, we donat have any intention of changing our position.a As the Quebec parliamentary commission begins hearings next month on the issue, Canadian physicians should be prepared to face a growing public discussion around the issue, said CMA president Dr. Anna Reid.

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