The Global PA Phenomenon

‘Humble’ Adelaide GP and Fiji philanthropist, Dr Umanand Prasad, killed in Gepps Cross crash

Here, too, the aim is to have clinical associates take on more routine medical exams, diagnostics, and treatment plans so that physicians can focus on the more complex cases and highly specialized tasks. The South African government has established a minimum target of placing five clinical associates in every district hospital. PAs in Ghana have two models, one that emerged by upgrading health worker training programs and a second university-based academic training model. Recognizing the great need for health care in their country, the government is now working to integrate both models into the countrys health care system. Asia The PA profession is also emerging in Asia, where in India PAs are assisting in complex surgeries in for-profit hospitals, and Saudi Arabia has worked with a US hospital system to create a PA program within the military system. Elsewhere, on a province by province basis, China is considering many possible roles for physician assistants. One role, for example, would be to care for the large migrant worker population of rural residents who move into large urban centers to staff high tech and clothing factories. Japan is also interested in engaging physician assistants to increase the efficiency of surgeons in high tech specialties such as cardiac surgery. Conclusion The emergence of PAs around the globe is not a coincidental happenstance. Thought leaders from many countries and every continent are exchanging ideas, coming together to share successes and talk through challenges. Thanks to their efforts, around the world physician services are being extended through partnerships with PAs, and access to care is improving.

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